Which Valentines smoothie are you?

Whether you like to celebrate Valentines day, or just can’t stand the thought of it – here is a gift from me to you, some Valentines smoothies to tickle your tastebuds!image1Red Hot Lovers
This smoothie is exactly what it says on the tin, bright red in colour, with a sweet strawberry-base. Tuck in you little love birds!
Blend the following:
8 x large strawberries
A big handful of raspberries
1 x banana
1 x pinch of cinnamon
¾ cup of coconut water
3 x ice cubes
(Serves 1)



The Anti-Valentine
This refreshing smoothie is fresh green in colour, with a zesty apple base. Valentines schmalentines! Ohh perrr-lease…. it’s just another day. Get a grip you guys!
Blend the following:
1 x peeled granny smith apple
½ a lemon (peeled) – don’t forget to remove the pips!
1 x small slice of lime (peeled)
3 x large mint leaves
¾ cup of coconut water
3 x ice cubes
(Serves 1)


‘Just Peachy’
This tropical smoothie is lovely and thick, with a rich peachy base (surprise surprise!) A tasty smoothie to share, for those of you couples who are ‘just peachy’.
Blend the following:
1 ½ x peaches ( ¾  tin, if out of season)
½ x mango (peeled and de-stoned)
5 x large strawberries
1 x medium banana
¾ cup of coconut milk
3 x ice cubes
(Serves 1)


So blitz those Valentines blues and embrace the love, share a smoothie with your special someone, or just knock it back to get you through the day! …
Happy Valentines Day you lovely lot! x

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