Protein Ballin’

De-lish! Seriously, when you try these tasty little protein balls, I’m absolutely sure you’ll agree! I was lucky enough to receive The Protein Ball Co‘s full range in the post last week (thank you very much guys!!) and have to say, they really are delicious!

Protein bars, protein cookies and protein shakes have always been the go-to for the typical gym bunny, bodybuilder, athlete or everyday person trying to keep fit or lose a little weight. Then ‘energy balls’ came to our shop counters and before we knew it, these were being stuffed with protein too! Amazing! Another fantastic way to throw in a few (actually more than a few) extra grams of protein into our diet in a cute little ball-shaped snack!

So when this delivery landed on my doorstep last week, I couldn’t wait to try them!

Filled with all-natural ingredients, The Protein Ball Co have created protein ball snacks for both vegetarians and vegans – their range uses whey protein, egg white protein and vegan protein too. Made from clean, wholesome raw ingredients, the The Protein Ball Co was born when their founders Matt & Hayley struggled to find clean, healthy protein related grab-and-go snacks. Typically when people think protein, they think bodybuilders and meal replacements (and I have to admit, back in the day – I did too!) but their aim was to change this perception, and make protein accessible to people who have been to the gym, yoga or cross-fit, looking for healthy snacks or anyone just wanting to add more protein to their day – and I think they have achieved exactly that!

IMG_3302Many protein balls and protein bars in general are quite dry and can sometimes be powdery too, but these aren’t at all! Somehow The Protein Ball Co have managed to retain the moisture which a lot of protein powders manage to absorb – and the flavour combinations they have created are so well put together, they’re incredibly more-ish!

Each packet contains six protein balls, which were more than enough to fill me up (after a gym session, as a snack in between breakfast and a late lunch, and also when I forgot to eat breakfast that morning…) They’re just so yummy, I couldn’t wait to try all the other flavours, and have to say when I did – I really struggled to pick my favourite!

I think you can probably tell, I really love these products – I think The Protein Ball Co have got it just right! …They’ve definitely found a place on my  shopping list next week!

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