Forgiving yourself after that Easter binge…

Hi guys!

Sorry for the break, I know it’s been a little while since I last posted. Life has been a little hectic over Easter, and have just been trying to catch up on it all.

I am still alive, despite falling off the bandwagon a little (…okay a LOT) over the Easter period. Chocolate is my ABSOLUTE weakness – I swear they make it more tasty when it turns egg-shaped (or is that just me?!)

Anyway, you may, like me, feel like you’ve overindulged a bit over the bank holiday and the week to follow – eating your way through a sea of chocolate, but please please please don’t beat yourself up about it! Look, we’re all human, and let’s be honest, it tastes REALLY good!!

In the words of Aaliyah “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” – Well I’m pretty sure she wasn’t talking about healthy eating and exercise when she wrote those lyrics, but hey, we can all take her advice on this one.

Whatever you do, don’t lose hope! You haven’t ruined that healthy diet, or that healthy lifestyle in fact. Finish off that easter egg and blimin’ well enjoy it! There’s always tomorrow. Forgive yourself for your easter binge, there’s no point beating yourself up about it now. Life is to be LIVED – so just enjoy it!!!

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