Brunch spot #2: Minnow

It’s been a little while since I recommended a new brunch spot for you to check out, and now I’ve moved into my new flat (..sorry for the radio silence guys!)  I thought it was a perfect time to share with you my new local, Minnow. Not only does the food taste AMAZING – but with roses hanging over the entrance and gorgeous winding flowers inside, it really is the picture-perfect brunch destination for all you snap-happy instagrammers! It’s just too cute for words!

When?  Last Sunday
  Clapham Common
Who with?  
My brother and his girlfriend   (Yes third-wheel, and proud haha!)
What did you eat?  
Eggs Royale  (That’s smoked salmon and poached eggs for those of you crazy crackers who don’t know your eggs!!)  I’m pleased to say they survived the poke-test too with lovely soft but solid whites and perfectly runny yolks!
Amy had the French toast with seasonal berries though – which looked absolutely dreamy, so when I head back next time, I’ll definitely be ordering some of that!
What did you drink?  A skinny latte…
I was very tempted by the cocktail menu, but me being me, was chatting away and completely forgot to order one!! – Just for the record, if I had, it would have been The Clapham Sect  (I’m a total sucker for a gin cocktail!)

592D5C1A-A5AD-4864-9CA0-18111989556FWhat’s the verdict?  Well, I have to say, whilst the food and coffee was really delicious, the waiting staff were so SO friendly too, which really added to the whole experience. I really regret not taking the name of the guy who served us, as he definitely deserves a special mention – he was really friendly and chatty, and made you feel right at home, almost as if you’d come round to his house for breakfast, which was a really nice touch.

Overlooking Clapham Common, this place isn’t that large, so if you’re heading that way I’d definitely recommend you book in advance, as it can get pretty busy!
I went with my family, but I’d definitely say this is a perfect date destination (..guys, take note!)  or just a great place to catch-up with the girls – I know mine would LOVE it!!

It’s got that outdoor picturesque Italian café vibe, but indoors, which is quite hard to capture when you’re in London. Definitely one to try if you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Clapham Common hungry at breakfast time – I’d give it a 5/5!
Hope you enjoy… x

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