Katie TheofanousHey, I’m Katie, thanks for stopping by…
I’m a London-based Events Manager in publishing, but this blog isn’t about the media. Here you’ll find my views and tips on health and fitness, nutrition, fashion and lifestyle.

And no, I’m not a personal trainer or even a nutritionist, but I’m really interested in fitness, health and wellbeing so can give you some insight into what has worked for me.

As for fashion and lifestyle? Well, we all want to look good – even when we’re sweating it out at the gym. Occasionally I may even throw in some beauty tips and product reviews for you too.

So, sit back and relax with your smoothie, protein shake or whatever and let me share my recipes, handy hints and (hopefully!) motivational tips with you. And don’t forget to share yours too, in the comments section below – let’s enjoy this journey to greater health and happiness together!